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Top Rollers

Our Dynamic Top Rollers with End Bushes, a world class quality product, manufactured by us are highly reliable and cost effective and they are manufactured as maintenance replacements and to suit the original machine specifications to achieve better parallelization (evenness) and correct drafting (less imperfection) of the yarn / fibre movement at higher efficiency in the textile preparatory system of LAP FORMERS, COMBER AND DRAW FRAME machines for many makes such as RIETER, INGOLSDAT, LAKSHMI RIETER, TRUTZSCHLER, ZINSER, VOUK, TOYODA, CHERRY HARA, HOWA, PADMATEX, TEXMACO-HOWA, PLATS-SACCO LOWELL etc. High precision accuracy is given top priority in our production process. We find pride in meeting the most stringent tolerances. We continously innovate and improve the products towards customer's satisfaction.
We strongly feel that the proven quality of our top rollers together with our commitment help our customers to maintain their products performance and reputation.
Performance of our product range can be verified from the demands made by a large number of textile mills in India and Abroad.


Top Roller Shell (Arbours)

  • Shells are manufactured using high graded alloy steels, hardened and tempered.
  • They are heat treated at HRC 55° - 60° precision ground and inspected for longer life and durability.
  • Maximum eccentricity is maintained at ± 0.02 mm.

End Bushes

  • The End bushes are manufactured from special steel material. They fit many international brands of anti friction thrust needle bearing or needle cages like INA, FAG, SKF, TORRINGTON, NTN and NRB for lasting life.
  • The high speed performance is guaranteed since Germany needle cages are used which takes care of over heat dissipation & ensures smoother running and guaranteed lasting life.
  • Many of the End bushes are designed with self-locking system, which vetoes fluff accumulation

Rubber Cots

  • The Cots are Moduled Type or Mounted with Alu-Core Press Fit, Easy Fit and Glue respectively.
  • We offer quality cots for a wide range of international brands like Armstrong Accotex, Daytex, Yamauchi, Inarco, Precitex, Supertex etc.
  • The shore hardness of our cots is maintained between 63* to 85*.
  • A special feature in the form of a spiral groove of 1 mm - 2 mm depth is provided which enables removal of trash particles in the carded cotton and blends.
  • A selected brand of Alu lined cots, meant for high reliability in terms of speed and productivity are press fit cots, pressed using our special hydraulic mounting machine. The Alu lined cot mounted Top Rollers fit like a hand and glove and their fitting strength results in less vibration, stability, easy fitting process and no worry about cracking in the cot. Another noteworthy mention is its environmental friendliness, no glue or solvent material is required for the mounting process. This also results in fast dismounting of the cot since no residual material needs to be removed from the surface.

Gas Spring (Shock Absorber)


We manufacture all types of Gas Springs ( Shock Absorbers) in variable Newton’s starting from 100 N to 1200 N for Lakshmi, Vouk, Reiter series Combers, Unilap and other machines.

Dynamic Top Roller Shells
Calender Rollers