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Flyers, Pressure Fingers & False Twister for Roving Machine

Flyers For Roving Machine


Flyers for Speed Frame (Roving frame / Fly Frame) are available for Rieter, Lakshmi, etc.

Advantages of High Precision Flyers

  • Dynamic flyers ensures excellent yarn quality and free from fluff accumulation and fibre chocking.
  • Flyers are of made from quality aluminium alloy, polished stainless steel tubes and steel parts.
  • Computer generated aerodynamic profile ensures minimum air turbulance and noise.
  • To facilitate well twisted roving false twisters are specially designed and manufactured.
  • Vibrations in flyer is kept minimum by High precision balancing at all rated speeds.
  • To maintain constant pressure, Pressers are made of heat treated special grade steel.
  • Higher return on investment on flyers.

Presser fingers For Roving Machine

Cotton & Synthetic Spinners

Aluminium alloy Pressure Fingers open type suitable for all leading make Flyer
Available Sizes :
a) 10" x 5" b) 11" x 5" c) 12" x 5" d) 12" x 6" e) 12" x 6.5" f) 16" x 6"

Cotton & Synthetic Spinners

Pressure Finger AV type suitable for all leading make Flyer
a) Durney Coated b) Hardchrom Plated c) Blackodised Available Sizes

a) 12" x 5" b) 12" x 6" c) 12" x 6.5" d) 14" x 6.5" e) 14" x 7" f) 16" x 6"
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Steel Presser Finger
Aluminium Presser Finger

False twister For Roving Machine


PU False Twister

Best quality false twister made from 100% imported PU raw materials suitable for cotton, synthetics and worsted Units available in 6 grooves to 20 grooves with all specific sizes.

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