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Flocked Clearer Roller

Top global OEMs trust us to ensure quality in their product performance. LMW, KTTM, RIETER, ZINSER, TOYODA, MARZOLI, SUSSEN, Cherry Hara you name any top -of-the line textile machinery in the world. So cherished is the quality of Flocked Clearer Rollers that all the best brands in the world trust it to ensure their quality. Dynamic textile is the pioneer in engineering the design of Flocked clearer Roller, the first to innovate upon the cloth clad wooden roller that is today generic to clearer rollers on textile machines.


Available across the spectrum
Available in over a hundred different sizes and builds, flocked clearer rollers served the purpose across machines including ring frames, ring doublers, speed and draw frames, combers, etc,. apart from specialized custom fitments for customer specifications.

Range Of Products

  • Available in more than 100 different sizes for RIETER, ZINSER, LMW, KTTM, TOYODA, MARZOLI, SUSSEN Machines and also for Chinese and other ring frames as Top & Bottom clearer rollers.
  • Available in 25 different sizes. Standard Top and Bottom Clearer rollers.
  • Available in standard size for RIETER - E7/4, E7/5, E7/5A, E60, E62, E62H Combers, Cherry Hara,Toyoda and LMW combers.