Complete range of Textile Spinning Machinery Spares

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General Replacement Spares

Flocked Cleaning Machine

For the better cleaning efficiency and extended life of the rollers we are giving a unique Flocked clearer roller cleaning machine with latest cleaning technology.

Flocked rollers & wooden Rollers

New generation FLOCKED CLEARER ROLLER suitable for LAKSHMI, REITER, KTTM, TOYODA, HOWA AND CHINESE Ring frames, having Drafting System of SKF, TEXSPARTS. Also we are manufacturing Flocked clearer roller suitable for all types of combers.

Abc Rings
Sheet Metal Components
Spindle Brakes & Lappets
Trolley Wheels
Bobbin Identification Rings
Clearer Covers
Clearer Cloths & Pneumafile Pipes
Clearer Cloths & Pneumafile Pipes
Distance Clips
LUMA Humidification Spares
Fluted Roller Wrench
Pin Spacers
Prism Jaw Vernier Callifer
Trolley Wheels
Twin Condenser
Marato Falcon Brush
Murata Bottom Pegs
Ring Frame Seperators
Rechargeable Battery Operated & Manual Fluff Gun