Complete range of Textile Spinning Machinery Spares

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Filter Screen

44X50 Dust Bag
Air Angle Filter Wire Rope
Botliboi fc 200 X 2060
Cross Roll Carding 2128

Ltg fc 200 free filter 500 micron
Rieter E-65 Comber
Lakshmi G5/1, L.R-6, L.R-6x Ring Frame

Conical Scrren For Rieter E60, E60H, E62 Comber (Short)
Ltg Fc200 of 2060 D free filter 500mic with 3mm ss rope fitting
Filter with membrane for comber (Cat. no. 17. 049)

Rieter k-45 ring frame
Rieter c60 carding
Rieter g-32, g-33 ring frame

L.R. g5-1 ring frame
Schlafhorst autoconer 338
Lakshmi lk54 comber